2004 Technical Papers posted

These papers from 2004 have been added to our library. Papers from 2005 are here, 2006 are here.

Brown, D.A., 2004. “Recipe for Success with Drilled Shaft Concrete,” Foundation Drilling Magazine, Nov., pp. 16-24.

Recipe for Drilled Shaft Concrete - ADSC Foundation Drilling Nov 2004.png

Brown, D.A., 2004. “Zen and the Art of Drilled Shaft Construction: The Pursuit of Quality,”Invited keynote lecture and paper, Geotechnical Special Publication No. 124, ASCE, pp. 19-33. Geo-Institute International Conference on Drilled Foundations, Orlando.

Zen and the Art of Drilled Shaft Construction - ASCE GSP 124 - GeoSupport Orlando Feb 2004.png

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