2005 Technical Papers

These papers from 2005 have been added. Recent posts from 2004 are here. Recent posts from 2006 are here.

Brown, D.A., 2005. “Practical Considerations in the Selection and Use of Continuous Flight Auger and Drilled Displacement Piles,” Geotechnical Special Publication No. 132, ASCE, pp. 1-11.

Practical Considerations for CFA and DD Piles - ASCE GSP 132 2005.png

Brown, D.A. and Schindler, A., 2005. “The Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Drilled Shaft Construction: Preliminary Observations from the Lumber River Bridge Field Trials,” Proceedings of the ADSC GEO3 QA/QC Conference, Dallas, TX.

SCC on Lumber River Bridge SC - ADSC GEO3 Dallas Nov 2005.png

Kitchens, L., Thompson, W.R., and Housley, S.A., 2005. “Case History: Utilizing Load Test Data to Value Engineer Drilled Shaft Foundations,” Proc. of ADSC GEO3 QA/QC Conference, Dallas, TX.

Case History Load Test for Drilled Shaft - ADSC GEO3 Dallas Nov 2005.png

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