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Welcome to DBA, Nathan Glinski!


DBA is proud to announce the addition of Nathan Glinski, E.I. to our staff.  Nathan is a recent graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology (like Dan and Tim! Go Jackets!). Nathan completed his M.S. in civil engineering at Georgia Tech where he also did his undergraduate work. While at Georgia Tech, Nathan was a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. David Frost, P.E. where he investigated the use of pile foundations as geothermal heat exchangers. In addition to his research, Nathan was a teaching assistant for an undergraduate geotechnical engineering course, gaining experience in a wide variety of laboratory soil tests as well as managing the grading of reports and homework for 100 undergraduate students. Nathan has been the resident summer intern for DBA since 2010 and will now be joining us full time as a staff project engineer.

On a more personal note, Nathan is also an accomplished trials motorcycle rider, having been riding since a youth.  He has often ridden the courses and trails at the Trials Training Center (owned by Dan and co-located at DBA World HQ).  He is a big volunteer/instructor/participant in events at the TTC, as seen in two posts last year here (helmet cam while riding a course), and here (instructor).

As you can see from his photo, he has adopted the official hairstyle of DBA.  Coincidentally, being comfortable in a hard hat also means comfort when wearing your trials helmet!

Daredevil Engineer

Those of you that know Dan know that he is into motorcycles, especially trials riding.  Some of you may thing that the headline means this post is about one of his latest riding exploits.  Surprisingly, it is not.

Recently, I (Robert) and my family went to a World of Wheels car show in Birmingham, Alabama.  This is not our normal family activity, but we went to watch Alex Bedly, an instructor at the Trials Training Center, perform as part of the On The Edge bike stunt team.  Alex is an instructor at the TTC and is the son of Catherine Bedley, our administrative assistant.  My family and I had a great time.  I was even part of the show, unknown to me until the show had started and I was called out to “volunteer”.  Check out the 35-second video below.  No engineers were harmed in the making of this clip.

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