New Publications and Presentations – KDOT Wall Report, Ground Improvement Paper, and Drilled Shaft Presentations

I have added some publications and presentations to the site – trying to catch up on things here.

The report of the lateral load tests on drilled shafts and an MSE wall for KDOT has been published.  My post on this project is here.  Dr. Bob Parsons at University of Kansas was the principal researcher.  Our main contribution was analysis of the lateral  response of the drilled shafts (Appendix B in the report).


KDOT wall report

Pierson, M., Parsons, R.L., Han, J., Brown, D.A. and Thompson, W.R., 2008. “Capacity of Laterally Loaded Shafts Constructed Behind the Face of a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Block Wall”, Report for the Kansas Department of Transportation. 


We now have a paper co-authored by Paul in the just released DFI Journal Volume 2.  The subject is shear modulus in soil mixing and jet grouting.


Pages from Increase in Shear Modulus by Soil Mix and Jet Grout Methods_AxtellStark - DFI Journal Vol2-Nov2008

Axtell, P.J. and Stark, T.D., 2008. “Increase in Shear Modulus by Soil Mix and Jet Grout Methods”, DFI Journal Volume 2, No. 1, Nov2008, Deep Foundations Institute, pp11-21.


Two presentations have also been added – one from Dan’s talk at the 2008 STGEC Conference (program page is here) and one from Dan’s appearance at the San Antonio Section of ASCE earlier this month.


Brown STGECPigeonForge October 2008       Pages from Design of Drilled Shafts for Extreme Events - San Antonio Section ASCE Jan 2009


Design of Drilled Shafts for Extreme Events – Dan A. Brown, Ph.D., P.E. – San Antonio Section ASCE Meeting – January 9, 2009

Improved Design of Drilled Shafts in Rock – Dan A. Brown, Ph.D., P.E. -  STGEC 2008, Pigeon Forge, TN October 2008