Audubon (JJA) Bridge Construction Update

I have been too busy to post more photos from my trips to New Roads, LA in the fall to help Steve with the work at the Audubon Bridge project.  It has been a flurry of activity as they worked to finish installing, tip-routing, and load testing all of the shafts in the river (done in December!).   They have also completed and tested the land test shaft on the west side of the river and begun installing the land shafts.  Throw in a lot of pile driving, including some 5-foot diameter pipe piles for temporary bents, and it has been a very busy site.  All of the various tip-grouting, O-cell load tests on drilled shafts, and PDA testing of the pre-cast piles has been successful.  As of today, the Mississippi River has come up and slowed things down a bit, but they should get all of the foundation completed within the next couple of months. 

Some pictures I took on some of my trips are setup below.  I have also experimented with embedding some video I took with my camera.  The camera was not set on a very high video capture resolution, but I think they are good enough for you to get the idea of the shaft excavation and the pile driving activities.

More pictures here.

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Excavating Shaft 5E with airlift.



Driving 5′ dia. pipe pile for East Temprary Bent


Extracting casing at Shaft 21W