New Links – The Academy of Geo-Professionals; Geoengineering Literature Finder


A link to the Academy of Geo-Professionals (AGP) has been added to our links in the sidebar.  The AGP is the organization that awards the Diplomate, Geotechnical Engineering (D.GE.) which our own Tim Siegel was recently awarded . From the AGP website:


The Academy of Geo-Professionals (AGP) was founded in October 2008 by practicing geo-professionals who were members of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Geo-Institute. The Academy was created primarily to offer a voluntary, post-license credential that provide professional engineers an opportunity to gain further recognition in the broad field of geotechnical engineering.

AGP’s goal is dedicated to improving the practice, elevating the standards, and advancing the profession of geo-professional engineering. The Academy has begun its challenge to try and meet these goals with the oversight of our voluntary, post-licensure, specialty certification program for geo-professional engineers.


A new literature search tool is available from for geotechnical engineers – the Geoengineering Literature Finder, or GEOLIFI.  This fee-based service has been created to provide access to published works in conference proceedings, etc. through agreements with publishers, etc.  This service is meant to complement there free Online Geoengineering Library.


The Online Geoengineering Library is a popular tool within and intends to provide access to publications available online at no cost. However such a database, will always be incomplete, because many publications are not (and will not be) available online.

Thus, undertook a 2-year development project to establish GEOLIFI. GEOLIFI intends to become the most comprehensive, searchable online database of geoengineering papers published worldwide not only in journals, but also in conferences, symposia, workshops, and even magazines and reports. GEOLIFI is established in cooperation with publishers, conference organizers as well as professional geoengineering organizations….

…..The ultimate goal is to collect and disseminate unprecedented numbers of papers in a effective manner. The database as of today includes over 2,000 papers, most of them not otherwise available online, and will continue to expand on a daily basis. … Many of these publications would not be otherwise available, except by subscribing to a journal or purchasing the proceedings.



While I am discussing search links, don’t forget developed by  A link to is in our side bar.