Bridge updates – kcICON, Audubon, Beck Street

As geotechnical/foundation engineers, we don’t usually get to see much of what happens on a project after the foundations are completed, especially a project like a large bridge that can take years to complete.  Technology such as the Internet, webcams, and digital photography have made it easy for us to see how things are progressing on projects, as well as maybe get images of the completed structure.  As I have noted before, some projects are using Twitter and Facebook to keep the public informed on closures, delays or overall project progress as part of good public relations.  Her are some updates on a few of our recent projects.



The main span is well underway, including the cables.  The kcICON Facebook page is here.

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Audubon Bridge:

Check out the webcam.  You can download images if you like.  YOu can also do a time-lapse from Day 1 of construction.

image image


Beck Street Bridge:

Part of the I-15 Express Link project in Salt Lake City, UT.   The photos below I obtained from the photos page on the project web site.  We were involved in the design and construction of the foundations for the Beck Street Bridge only.

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