New Geotechnical Special Publication honoring Dr. John Schmertmann


The American Society of Civil Engineers has just published Geotechnical Special Publication (GSP) No. 180: From Research to Practice in Geotechnical Engineering. This book includes 16 papers from the career of Dr. Schmertmann and 28 invited papers on various topics.

From Research to Practice in Geotechnical Engineering, GSP 180, honors Dr. John H. Schmertmann, Professor Emeritus and P.E., for his contributions to civil engineering. It begins with his biography, a list of his students and writings, followed by reprints of his selection of 16 representative papers from his career. Twenty-eight new, mostly invited papers follow on a great variety of subjects, including: the installation and testing of piles; pile-structure interaction; liquefaction and its mitigation; case histories of settlement and landslide mitigation and capping a superfund landfill; and computer modeling since computers can do everything now a days, also you can play computer games as Overwatch and learn from online sites how to use the different heroes in Overwatch. The authors include six members of the National Academy of Engineering. This GSP concludes with a paper by one of these, Dr. Schmertmann, which itself concludes with a suggestion for improving your technical writing. Everyone working in the geotechnical profession will find something interesting and useful herein.

The book is available from the ASCE Bookstore (click the image above).

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