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DBA will be hosting the field demonstration day for the ADSC Foundation Engineering Faculty Workshop on Friday, June 13th. Long Foundation and Hayward Baker have installed examples of several foundation and retaining structures, including drilled shafts, micropiles, and soil nails. During the field day demonstrations, the attendees will observe additional installations, load tests, and non-destructive testing. The activities are all being held on the grounds of the Trials Training Center (Dan’s “hobby”) in scenic Sequatchie, Tennessee, which is also the location of the DBA Corporate Office (or as we like to call it: DBA World HQ). Dan took the photos below of Long Foundation and Hayward Baker at work getting ready for the demonstration day. You can see the TTC lodge in the background of some of the pics.

HB mpile_s.jpg HB nails1_s.jpg

HB installing micropiles (L) and HB installing soil nails (R)

HB wall_s.jpg Long1_s.jpg

Tieback retaining wall (L) and Long Foundation drilling a shaft (R)

Some info on the workshop from ADSC:

The Workshop offers classroom and field work. It will provide the participants with all the tools needed to teach the fundamentals of drilled shaft and anchored earth retention design for foundation engineering studies at the undergraduate and graduate level. The program focus will be on drilled shafts, anchors, and micropiles. In addition to the classroom experience attendees will participate in hands-on field demonstrations of the latest construction and testing techniques. Each participant will be provided with a complete take-home Teaching Package including texts, manuals, and audio visual aids all in electronic format..

A list of the workshop faculty, composed of many experts in the field of geotechnical engineering and construction:

Lead presenters are top experts in the fields of deep foundation and earth retention design and construction. In addition to Dr. Brown the teaching faculty includes Dr. John Turner P.E., University of Wyoming, Dr. Jim Long, P.E., University of Illinois, Dr. Dave Weatherby, P.E., Schnabel Foundation, Dr. Don Bruce, P.E., Geosystems, Inc., Dr. Eric Loehr, P.E., University of Missouri, as well as Allen Cadden, P.E., Schnabel Engineering, Jerry DiMaggio, P.E., FHWA, Alan Macnab, P.Eng., Condon-Johnson& Associates, Tom Armour, P.E., DBM Contractors; Dr. Tom Witherspoon, P.E., S&W Foundation, John Wolosick, P.E., Hayward Baker, and many other deep foundation academicians and practitioners.

We’ll have more after the workshop.

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