GeoWorld: On-Line Community for Geo-Engineers Launches

geoworld1It seems that social media and on-line communications have become a major part of our day-to-day communications.  If you are like me (Robert), I find it rather annoying at times to filter through what you get to find what you really want or need.   Now there is an on-line social networking/community for the geoengineering field – GeoWorld.  This new “spot on the web” is a collaboration of and ISSMGE (International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering). 

After more than two years of development,, in collaboration with the ISSMGE, is pleased to announce the development of Geoworld!

Geoworld is a new, free, professional networking platform for professionals, companies and professional organizations in the geoengineering profession. It promotes professional networking, collaborations and information dissemination at a global scale.

Geoworld revolutionizes the way information is circulated and even generated in the geoengineering field. It will serve as a platform to promote professional interactions, foster the formation of formal and informal groups, and support innovation in the geoengineering field at a global scale. 

Geoworld is very easy to use and powerful, and has features that are specifically suited for geotechnical engineering professionals. Hundreds of geotechnical engineers as well as companies and organizations have already joined since the first announcement of Geoworld last week. 

Here is a video link introducing Geoworld.

Look for DBA and ask to become a Contact.  Also look for me and other DBA folks.  See you there!