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Make sure and check the links on our left side bar for information on upcoming conferences, meetings, and seminars. We try to list all of the major events of organizations like the Geo-Institute of ASCE, the ADSC, the PDCA, and the DFI.

Also, check out the changes in geotechnical engineering related to transportation projects coming out in Arizona at From Randy’s post:

There are some significant changes being made to the state of the practice in geotechnical engineering in Arizona. NCS Consultants, LLC has prepared three policy memoranda for the Arizona Department of Transportation or ADOT that have been issued to consultants all over the State. These memos are on the topics of bearing capacity and settlement of spread footings and retaining walls, the design of drilled shaft foundations in gravelly soils, and the preparation of drilled shaft axial capacity charts for use by bridge engineers.

Randy does a good job of scouring the web for geotechnical related items. A link to his site is on our left sid bar and we have a feed to his posts on the right side bar.

While I am on the topic of resources, we also have a link to, another resource website for the geotechnical engineering community. A link to the site is on the left side bar, and links to their latest newsletters are on the right side bar.

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