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Dan Inducted into The Moles

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Back in April, Dan received news of a special honor…he was elected to membership in The Moles, a prestigious organization composed of individuals now or formerly engaged in heavy underground construction (tunnel, subway, foundation, marine, etc.). The organization has a limited membership (538 Active Members) and one must be nominated by a current member.

The Moles, a fraternal organization of the heavy construction industry, is the most prestigious organization of its kind in the world. Moles members are leaders in their profession who are dedicated to promoting the industry and supporting their colleagues through outreach programs and networking opportunities.

In addition to their fraternal activities, a significant mission of The Moles is to encourage young people to participate in heavy construction and its related fields.  The Moles have several educational programs, cooperating with 20 colleges and universities, to further that objective, including an annual Students Day tour of construction projects, scholarships, student awards, and a Career Connection program.

Dan was elected along with 16 others this year.  A list of the new Moles can be found in the April 2012 issue of Holing Through, the news bulletin of The Moles (available on their website).  The new members were inducted in May. 

Congratulations Dan!!!!!