Slope Stabilization Method with Micropiles – A report for the ADSC/DFI Joint Micropile Committee

Erik and Dan have published a final report entitled “A Method for Predicting Mobilization Resistance for Micropiles Used in Slope Stabilization Applications”. The report was prepared for the Joint ADSC/DFI Micropile Committee. This version has been submitted to the committee for review and comment. From the report:

The primary objective of the work described in this report has been to identify a method for predicting the resistance provided by micropiles used for slope stabilization that: (1) is consistent with the available field performance data, and (2) takes advantage of the improved knowledge gained from the performance observed in previous implementations. This objective has been met through review and analysis of case histories with well documented performance measurements, analysis of stability and load transfer for these case histories, development of an improved technique for predicting the resistance provided by micropiles, evaluation of the proposed technique as compared to available field performance measurements, and, finally, use of the technique to demonstrate its application for a hypothetical case and to demonstrate the implications of the technique for design of slope stabilization schemes with micropiles.

This report should be a great resource to practicing geotechnical engineers considering micropiles for slope stabilization.

Financial support for this work was provided by a grant from the H.B. Williams Industry Advancement Fund of ADSC: The International Association of Foundation Drilling.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

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