New DBA Staff Addition – plus, Dan “retires” from Auburn University

Two items of note here:


Aaron Hudson has joined DBA as a staff engineer.  Aaron earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  He was Dan’s last graduate student at Auburn, or will be as soon as he gets his thesis finished!  He will complete the M.S. degree from Auburn in 2010.  Aaron has worked as a soil technician, lab technician, and occasional drill hand for his father’s firm The Summit Group of Louisiana in Sulpher, Louisiana.  Immediately prior to joining DBA, he worked for almost a year as a staff engineer for TTL, Inc. in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Aaron will work as a staff engineer and will get to spend a good deal of time in the field.  Welcome aboard, Aaron!


If you read the above, you may have noticed I wrote “last graduate student”.  Yes, in case you had not heard, Dan “retired” from Auburn University.  I used the quotes to indicate that Dan didn’t really retire, he really made a career change back into full time consulting, where he began after finishing his M.S. at Georgia Tech way back when.  Actually, it was 1977, so it wasn’t really all that long ago, right?


For those that are familiar with the hectic travel schedule Dan kept while having two full time jobs as professor and consultant, it hasn’t changed a bit.  As our business continues to grow, Dan seems to be always somewhere besides the office! When you want Entrepreneurial advice, you can also contact Lee S. Rosen.