Foundation Work is Finished at Audubon Bridge!!!

Yes, you read that right – the last drilled shaft has been installed on the John James Audubon Bridge near New Road, Louisiana.  The project has been quite an adventure for us, especially Steve.  He spent the most time on the site during shaft excavation, tip grouting, load testing, and even pile driving.  Robert got to spend a fair amount of time, too, over the last couple of years.  Paul was even lucky enough to make a couple of trips.

The shaft construction was concluded with one last O-cell test on Shaft 3W South.  Dan was present for the last load test which went fabulously well.

If you are going to the Geo-Institute congress GeoForida 2010 next February in West Palm Beach, you can hear Steve present the paper he and Dan wrote on the tip grouting and load test program.

The bridge is still under construction, of course, and will be an awesome structure when completed.  It was an exciting project for us to be a part of the team.  We’ll have a project summary posted in the near future to highlight the details of the foundations.  For now, you will have to be satisfied with the slideshows below (in reverse chronological order) from some of our visits this summer and fall.

Load Test at Shaft 3W South – October 2009

Excavation of Shaft 3W South – September 2009

Shaft Grouting and other Construction – June 2009

Shaft Excavation, Pile Driving, and Cofferdams – May 2009