First Test Shaft Started at Audubon Bridge

The first test shaft was begun recently at the John James Audubon Bridge in Louisiana. DBA’s Steve Dapp, Ph.D., P.E. had the pleasure to make a site visit last week and this week to observe progress. The shaft is the first shaft to be excavated on the project and is at the west pier in the Mississippi River. Excavation of the shaft is being done using a Toyo 1600 gpm pump. The shaft will be about 200 feet deep below the river level, will be tip-grouted, and will be load tested using an O-cell load device. Some photos below.

Toyo pump being lowered into the shaft:

JJA test shaft 1_small.jpg

Excavating the shaft with Toyo pump:

JJA test shaft 2_small.jpg

Wire cable casing cleaner used to clean out the casing:

JJA test shaft 3_small.jpg

Mini-SID (Shaft Inspection Device) being lowered into the shaft:

JJA test shaft 4_small.jpg

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