Driving Indicator Piles in Biloxi Bay

I made a visit to the US 90 Biloxi to Ocean Springs bridge site on Thursday and was able to observe the driving of one of the indicator piles. This is a 30-inch precast prestressed concrete pile that will also be used for a Statnamic lateral load test. The axial and lateral load tests will begin later this month, with production piles planned to start in mid-September.

US 90 Biloxi Ind Piles 060810 026.jpg US 90 Biloxi Ind Piles 060810 037.jpg US 90 Biloxi Ind Piles 060810 051.jpg

The left photo shows the barge set up for driving. This pile was adjacent to the bascule span of the destroyed bridge. The middle and right photos are during pile driving. A air hammer is being used to drive the pile.