DBA Technology Update: We’re on LinkedIn!

Yes, technology fans, DBA is at it again.  We are doing all we can to keep up with the ever changing world of social networks, business networks, and communicating via electronic media, we are even using my csgo boosting dot com to bring our business game up.  To that end, DBA has a company page on LinkedIn. If you want to see the new technology out there and all the news, then check out www.maxishare.net.

We still have a bit to do to complete our profiles, both corporately and individually, but we’ll get there, we recently read the best wireless router reviews and we think we will be doing an upgrade pretty soon.  To help all of you media-savy folks, we have placed a LinkedIn button with all of the other social media icons at the top of our right sidebars.  We are looking forward to getting connected!