DBA on winning team for landmark bridge in Kansas City, MO!

DBA is part of the winning team for the kcICON project in Kansas City, Missouri. The $245 million project includes a new landmark bridge over the Missouri River. The winning joint venture is Passeo Corridor Constructors consisting of Massman Construction Company, Clarkson Construction Company, and Kiewit Construction. Parsons Transportation Group and Transystems are the major design firms working for the joint venture. DBA will be the geotechncial engineer for the river bridge while Terracon will provide geotechnical services for the remainder of the project.

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The kcICON project area covers about four miles of I-29/35 in Kansas City. The project features a landmark cable-stay Missouri River bridge and will upgrade Interstate 29/35 to six lanes (expandable to eight lanes) from north of the Route 210/Armour Road interchange to Independence Ave. Construction will begin in Spring 2008. Full service to all lanes will be restored by June 1, 2011 and final construction completed by July 31, 2011.

The cable-stayed bridge will be approximately 1700 feet long, with the two cable-stayed spans supported by a single pylon. The main channel span will be 550 feet and the back span will be about 450 feet. Approach spans will vary from 110 to 165 feet. Drilled shafts will be utilized to support the bridge, with 11-foot diameter shafts planned for the main pylon. The shafts will be socketed in to shale bedrock.

The complete news release announcing the project award is here.

An ENR story is here.

The kcICON project website is here.

A link to the project website will be added to our project links area on the left side bar. We’ll be posting updates as things get moving next year.

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