Audubon (JJA) Bridge Construction Update – April 09

I had the pleasure of making two trips to the Audubon Bridge site in April to help Steve.  I got to observe the excavation of two of the shafts on the West High Approach (on land!), observe base grouting of some of the West High Approach shafts, and base grouting of the test shaft on the East High Approach.  While there, I got to see both of the river pier cofferdams. They were something else to see with all of the bracing and sheet piles.  I did not get to see them installed, but I understand it was quite an interesting process as the cofferdams were “jacked down” into place. While I was there, they were cutting of the permanent casing that sticks up above the seal slab of the pier.

As usual, some pictures from this trip are below.

More pictures here.

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While not as current, the project web site has a photo gallery with interesting photos, including from the high water of April, 2008.


West Pier and West High Approach Construction

East Pier and East High Approach Construction