Research Projects

This page provides links for some of the geotechnical engineering and construction research projects that we are or have been involved with.  Click on the project name for a one page summary sheet (not available for all projects).  If available, there is a link to a project page (DBA Project Page) on this blog with links to reports, papers, photo galleries and slide shows, and other project information.  Projects without DBA project pages have a link to the reports, papers, blog posts, etc.

Subject and Year(s)
Sponsor Report,  Articles, or Posts
nashville-shaft-rebar-cage_2_cropAxial resistance of drilled shafts socketed into rock formations in the Southeastern U.S.(2008-2012) Southeastern Chapter of the ADSC DBA Project Page
NCHRP Synthesis 41-10: Developing Production Pile Driving Criteria From Test Pile Data(2009-2011)  Transportation Research Board Report
kdot-mse-wall-shaft-group-test-071114_11_smallLaterally loaded drilled shafts constructed behind an MSE retaining wall(2007-08) Kansas DOT and University of Kansas Report

Blog post

Axial resistance of drilled shafts in calcareous formations in Alabama and the Southeastern U.S.(2007-08) Alabama DOT
and ADSC


Conference Paper

Specialists in Deep Foundation Design, Construction, and Testing and Slope Stability Problems