John James Audubon Bridge, New Roads, Louisiana

Audubon Bridge, Louisiana (Photo credit: credit:

Project Officially Completed February 27, 2012.

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Dapp, S.D. and Brown, D.A. (2010). “Evaluation of Base Grouted Drilled Shafts at the Audubon Bridge”, GeoFlorida 2010, Advances in Analysis, Modeling and Design, Geotechnical Special Publication No. 199, ASCE, pp1553-1562.

Geo-Florida 2010 presentation by Dr. Steve Dapp.

Project Status: Completed.

Project Websites: Project Home Page.

DBA Client: Audubon Bridge Constructors Joint Venture, a joint venture of Flatiron Construction, Granite Construction and Parsons Transportation Group.

DBA Services: DBA performed geotechnical engineering and design of the drilled shaft foundations for the main bridge piers and the high level approach spans. Other services included:

  • QA review of the geotechnical reports for the pile supported approach bridges
  • Developing and analyzing the drilled shaft load test plan
  • Geotechnical engineering consulting during trial shaft installation
  • Geotechnical engineering consulting during production shaft construction

Project Highlights: The John James Audubon Bridge is a new Mississippi River crossing between Pointe Coupee and West Feliciana parishes in south central Louisiana, replacing an existing ferry service. The project includes 12 miles of roads and 8 bridges – 7 approach structures and the main structure over the river. The seven approach bridges are supported on driven prestressed precast concrete (PCC) piles. The river bridge has 4 lanes and is almost 2.5 miles long with prestressed PCC pile supported low level approaches, drilled shaft supported high approaches, and the longest cable-stayed main span in North America. The cable-stayed span is supported by two main piers in the Mississippi River. Each pier has twenty 8-foot diameter tip grouted drilled shafts as its foundation system.

DBA Photos:

JJA Bridge Soil Exploration May 2006
JJA Bridge Drilled Shaft Construction 2007
JJA Bridge Construction – Shaft W5 and W21 July 08
JJA Bridge Construction – Shaft W12 and WHA Test Shaft – August 2008
JJA Bridge Construction – East Pier – September 2008
JJA Bridge Construction – East Pier Temporary Bent Piles – September 2008
JJA Construction – West Pier, WHA Test Shaft, and O-Cell tests – October 2008
JJA Construction – West Pier and West High Approach Shafts – April 2009
JJA Construction – East Pier and East High Approach – April 2009
JJA Construction – Shaft Excavation, PIle Driving, and Cofferdams – May 2009
JJA Construction – Base Grouting and Other Construction – June 2009
JJA Construction – Pier 2W – September 2009 Photos
JJA Construction – Shaft 3W South Load Test – October 2009
JJA Construction 2010
JJA Pictures from Chris Ursery (FIGG)

Project Websites: Project Home Page. Project Updates.

Media Links: January 9, 2008

Key Participants:

Owner: ladotd-logo.png Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Program Manager: logo_timed.png Louisiana TIMED Program

Design/Build Team:

audubonbconst-logo_crop.jpg Audubon Bridge Constructors, a joint venture of:

logo-parsons.gif Parsons Transportation Group, flatiron-logo.jpg Flatiron Construction Corporation,

logo_granite.png Granite Construction, Inc.

Geotechnical Engineers:

Dan Brown and Associates, LLC and psilogo.gif PSI, Inc.

Specialists in Deep Foundation Design, Construction, and Testing and Slope Stability Problems