ADSC SE Chapter Research Project – Nashville Site

Nashville Site (Test Shaft 1) Test Results

The shaft was not loaded to failure.  The maximum O-Cell loads were reached at a shaft deflection of 0.55″.  Side shear resistance appeared to be approaching maximum while the end bearing resistance was not.  The average unit side shear in the socket was 24.2 ksf and the end bearing resistance mobilized at 1/2 inch deflection was 520 ksf.

The winner of the prediction contest was Matt Bullard, E.I. of the Nashville Branch of TTL, Inc. He predicted a unit side shear of 25 ksf and an end bearing of 552 ksf at 0.5″ inch deflection.  The report issued to the ADSC SE Chapter, as well as a detailed look at the results and the range of the predictions can be found at the links below.

Brown, D.A., 2009. “Load Testing of Drilled Shaft Foundations in Limestone, Nashville, TN”, Report for ADSC Southeast Chapter, February, 2009

Nashville Site Presentation – Birmingham, AL – Feb 23, 2009

Nashville Shaft 1 Test and Prediction Results

Nashville Test Shaft 1 O-cell Test Report

Nashville Site (Test Shaft 1) Prediction Contest

The first test site is in Nashville, TN. The research team is holding a contest to predict the unit side shear and end bearing resistance in the 48″ rock socket. Go to the links below to get information and to enter your predictions! Entries are due Thursday, September 25, 2008.

Please note: The test shaft is being constructed the week of 15-19 September. We will be posting photographs of the actual test shaft construction at the end of that week. Photos will include pictures of the rock removed from the excavation.

A description of the test shaft is here: ADSC SE Chapter Research Project – Test Shaft 1 – Nashville memo 10Sep08

The boring logs and the rock core compressive strength results are here: ADSC SE Chapter Research Project – Boring Logs for Test Shaft 1 – Nashville

The drilling logs and concrete test results are here:  ADSC SE Chapter Research Project – Shaft Excavation Logs and Concrete Reports – Shafts 1 and 2 – Nashville

A photo album with photos (downloadable) of the rock core can be accessed here: Test Shaft 1 – Nashville Rock Core Photos

To enter, download the entry form below (form field PDF), complete it, and e-mail it to us at the link below no later than close of business (COB) on Thursday, September 25, 2008.

ADSC SE Research Test Prediction Form – TestShaft 1 – Nashville

E-mail entry link.

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