ADSC SE Chapter Research Project – Lawrenceville, GA Site

Report Published (February 2, 2012)

Thompson, W.R., Brown, D.A., and Hudson, A.B. (2012). “Load Testing of Drilled Shaft Foundations in Piedmont Rock, Lawrenceville, GA, Report for ADSC Southeast Chapter, January, 2012.

Presentation to Atlanta ASCE Geotechnical Group (11/15/11)

Robert presented the results at the ASCE Georgia Section Geotechnical Group meeting November 15, 2011 at 6:30pm at the Georgia Power Company’s Headquarters in Atlanta.

Lawrenceville Site Presentation – Atlanta, GA – Nov 15, 2011


Prediction Contest Winners Announced (10/6/11)

Report of Contest Winners


Photos from Field Day (8/18/11)

Photo Album


Photos and Report from Construction (8/5/11)

Observation Report (updated 8/12/11)

Photo Album

Field Day Scheduled (7/31/11)

August 18th 10:00 AM – ADSC/ASCE Load Test Program Field Day

Foundation Technologies, Inc.

1400 Progress Industrial Blvd.

Lawrenceville, GA 30043
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Shaft Installation and Prediction Contest (7/21/11)

The test shafts will be installed July 26 – 29th. Two test shafts will be installed – one to attempt to test the competent rock and one to attempt to test the PWR (partially weathered rock – in the Piedmont area, the highly weathered upper rock zone is often termed PWR). Testing will occur during a field demonstration day in mid-August.

We will hold a prediction contest for the Lawrenceville site. Contestants are encouraged to download the information linked below and then submit their predictions of unit side resistance and base resistance that will be measured by the O-cell tests.  The winner will be announced at the field test and demonstration day on site, as well as published in this blog along with all submitted predictions.

Information to include the test shaft configurations and exploratory boring data can be downloaded here.

The contest entry form along with instructions for submission can be downloaded here.

We will have Aaron on site to observe and take lots of pictures.  We’ll post his photos of the excavations as soon as we can to assist in making predictions.

All predictions must be submitted by the close of business, August 12, 2011.

Schedule Update (6/27/11)

From Bruce Long, Long Foundation Drilling, Inc.:

To Fellow Load Testers,

We want to thank everyone who submitted questions or comments regarding the preliminary load test program submitted to us by Dr. Dan Brown.  Those comments, and more, will be considered while fine-tuning the program.

Because we have several companies donating their time and money, we have to be flexible with respect to the installation and testing dates.  We have tentatively selected some dates, but these are subject to change depending upon the workloads of those volunteering their efforts.  We hope to begin shaft installation during the last two weeks of July (weeks beginning the 18th or 25th).  The actual load testing would probably take place the week of August 8th, with the actual test date being decided upon by sometime in early July (I hope to give everyone at least a 3-4 week notice).

The actual test date would include a field day visit by all interested parties to the test site at Foundation Technologies office in Lawrenceville, GA.  Activities will include a load testing discussion led by Dr. Dan Brown, along with lunch.  We would then move to the test site where Loadtest, Inc. will be conducting the Osterberg Load Test on our first shaft.  A discussion of the testing process and procedures by Loadtest will precede the actual testing (We will be submitting information later regarding a load test contest where each of you will get to predict the outcome of the test with a special prize going to the winner).  We also hope to be drilling on the second shaft that day and will be discussing the drill rigs, tools, and other equipment being used, as well as having the other Osterberg cell available for viewing.  This site visit proved to be very well received when we did it in Nashville at the last load test.  We hope for a big turnout that day.

Load Test Plan (May 2011)

The load test plan memo by Dan and the boring data are linked below. Bruce Long (Long Foundation Drilling Company) is the lead for the ADSC on this project and has requested interested parties to provide comment on the test plan. An abbreviated note from Bruce is below (full message from Bruce is here):

First, I would like for everyone to know that the load test program jointly planned between the Atlanta area ASCE Geotechnical community and the Southeast Chapter of the ADSC is alive and well despite some longer than planned delays. The final boring data has been in hand for some time and Dan Brown and his group have reviewed this information and submitted a preliminary load test program for review and comment.

Please take time to review this information and e-mail or call me with any comments that you might have. As soon as all comments have been reviewed, we will let everyone know our plan to proceed. I would like to have comments submitted to me by May 27, 2011. If there are any questions regarding our plans, schedule, etc., please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Comments should be sent to Bruce Long at

Load Test Plan Memo from Dan Brown (20 May 2010)

Summary of Test Borings from GeoHydro Engineers (26 Jan 2010)

Specialists in Deep Foundation Design, Construction, and Testing and Slope Stability Problems