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Robert Thompson awarded the Diplomate, Geotechnical Engineering (D.GE) certification!

We here at DBA would like to say Congratulations! to Robert Thompson for receiving the specialty certification Diplomate, Geotechnical Engineering (D.GE) from The Academy of Geo-Professionals (AGP).  Robert received the certification at the recent Geo-Institute’s Annual Conference, GeoFrontiers, in Dallas, Texas.  The excerpt below comes from the AGP web site.  Robert is on the bottom row, second-to-last on the right.


AGP’s 5th Ceremony in Dallas, TX

AGP’s latest ceremony was held in conjunction with Geo-Institute’s Annual Conference, GeoFrontiers, in Dallas, Texas on March 13th at 7:00 PM Central. The ceremony, which was the Academy’s fifth, was the first held 2011. About 25 Diplomates were in attendance at this event, bringing the total number of Diplomates to over 200!

Hastings Bridge Update

Good morning DBA fans!  I’m here to give you the latest news on the Hastings Bridge project.

The weather has been a bit chilly in Hastings, MN but that isn’t stopping progress.  Paul provided the update below and this picture of one of the beautiful mornings on the site.

Hastings Weather

Installation of the 12.75” diameter open-ended pipe piles for the column-supported embankment (CSE) is well under way.  Each pile is around 165’ in length and will support a geogrid-reinforced load transfer platform (LTP).  Light weight fill, or geofoam, will be used to transition from the CSE into the existing embankment.

Installation of the North Embankment retaining wall piles has begun and is about 50% complete.

The Pier 10 test pile was installed and tested with AFT’s 30MN axial Statnamic device.  The pile is a 42” open-ended pipe pile with 7/8” wall and is embedded about 190’.  Check out the video below.  The Pier 6 test pile has also been installed and tested axially and laterally with a Statnamic device.

That’s all for now, but come back later for additional updates on this exciting project.  Thanks for reading!